All-Day Happy Hour With Chili’s Tipsy Nights

All-Day Happy Hour With Chili’s Tipsy Nights

Some restaurants offer all-day breakfast, but us? We offer all-day happy hour with our Tipsy Nights promo! Buy one, take one on our featured cocktail* for the month so that you can enjoy day-drinking or night-drinking with your amigos! Let us tell you all about it:

How you can get your hands on our B1T1 featured cocktails

Chili's Tipsy Nights 1

Step 1: Go to your nearest Chili’s. Tagging your friends along comes highly recommended!

Step 2: Ask your server about our Tipsy Nights promo and what the featured cocktail is for the month.

Step 3: Order and sip away!

Where you can avail Tipsy Nights

Chili's Tipsy Nights 2

Tipsy Nights is available all day, every day, across all Chili’s restaurants! You and your friends can dine anywhere you want.

For all-day long drinking and guaranteed fun times together, head to your chosen Chili’s hangout spot today!


*Featured cocktails may vary per store depending on supplies.